Ticket for Engaging Adolescents Workshop

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Ticket for Engaging Adolescents Workshop


This is a ticket to Kids Hub Engaging Adolescents parent course.

The course will start on Monday, the 2nd of September, at Dongara District High School, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

The Engaging Adolescents course is fully funded by Parenting Connections WA.

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Parenting skills for resolving teenage behaviour problems - This is a 3 part course

The structure of this course provides parents with a model for working out what behaviour needs to be ignored, how to coach teenagers to consider the consequences of their actions and to hold difficult conversations when agreements are breached. A practical ‘ how-to ‘ guide for parents.

  • Understanding adolescents: a time of reconstructions, redeveloping social landscapes, brain snaps and body make-overs.
  • Understanding your job as parent/carer of a teenager – observer, advisor, negotiator, director.
  • A three-option model for decision making….a ‘drop down’ menu for parents.
  • Working out how NOT to respond in tricky emotional encounters.
  • Building your relationship with your teenager.
  • How to hold difficult conversations more successfully when discussing issues such as internet overuse, sibling conflict, disrespect, truancy, going out, school work, helping out, choice of peers…and much more.