Would you like a mentor to support your team from the office to the educators?

Kids Hub will provide your service with an experienced Consultant who will listen and devise an improvement plan. This will help you work towards an efficient day to day management of your services and provide effective results.

Some areas that organisation consults can cover are:

Quality Improvement Plan Support

Kids Hub can support your service in supporting your team to implement and review your Quality Improvement Plan objectives.

  • Human Resource Management

    • Staff training and development plans
    • Staff retainment & wellbeing
    • Coordinator support 
    • Team building 
Kids Hub came to the assistance of the Northampton Child Care Association (NCCA) in May 2013 when the service was facing imminent closure. The professionalism, knowledge and empathy that both Kate and Angie demonstrated were key factors in our committee not only being able to keep the service running but also plan for the future.
In the case of the NCCA ‘the Kids Hub ladies’ as I came to call them provided us a detailed analysis of what our options were, how they would need to be achieved and what the likely outcomes would be. Angie and Kate were also an integral part of the implementation strategy and met the training needs that resulted from the NCCA’s new direction.
Based on this experience i would have no hesitation to recommend Kids Hub as a business that delivers on promises and is looking to value add.
— Rob Horstman – President of Northampton Child Care Association (2013). 

Would you love for an experienced educator to visit your service and support you with setting up an intentional and inviting indoor environment?


Kids Hub can visit your service to provide advice and support on how your indoor environment can further meet the needs of the children attending.

We can support your team to give thoughtful attention on how to create an environment that enables children to develop relationships with the world around them, themselves and each other.

In 2012 Kate assisted in creating the indoor environments of a new early learning service - Turtle Cove Wandina.  (see pics below) She enjoyed sourcing resources that included a blend of natural and real resources alongside more traditional items to create spaces that provided for independent exploration and learning through play.  The clients  were very happy with the final result, as were the Educators, children and families.

In 2014 Kids Hub worked with an Outside of School Hours Service to start the journey of transforming their environment. (see pics below) This included a series of workshops engaging in discussion about what makes a great environment for school age children  and finished with a practical hands  on transformation of the service with a range of resources sourced by Kids Hub.

Kids Hub Turntables can be ordered

Kids Hub Turntables can be ordered

Kids Hub can source and provide up cycled resources as well as new multicultural items to complement your setting.

New Service?

Our consultants can  provide advice and support to new services that are opening and are setting up their environment for the first time.

National Quality Standards - Quality Area 3

Standard 3.2

The environment is inclusive, promotes competence, independent exploration and learning through play.

Element 3.2.1

Outdoor and indoor spaces are designed and organised to engage every child in quality experiences in both built and natural environments

Element 3.2.2

Resources, materials and equipment are sufficient in number, organised in ways that ensure appropriate and effective implementation of the program and allow for multiple uses.


At Kids Hub we believe that the Outdoor Learning Environments are just as important as the Indoor.

Organised Outdoor Learning Environments require planning and consideration of the setup and storage, as well as a flexible and responsive approach each day and a willingness to be spontaneous. Striking a balance between planning and moving away from the plan is essential if everyone is to make the most of learning possibilities outdoors. 

In 2013 Angie and Kate attended the Bold Park Conference which had Tim Gill (www.rethinkingchildhood.com) and Adam Bienenstockn (www.naturalplaygrounds.ca/)  presenting, both respected advocates for the benefits of Nature Play.

Kids Hub can visit your service whether it is new or well established and provide feedback and areas of suggested improvement to help you have your Outdoor Environment meet the needs of your children attending.

There are increasing concerns about the disconnection between children and nature. There are also concerns about risk-averse approaches to play, sedentary technology experiences and lack of time for unstructured outdoor play and their likely negative consequences for children’s long-term health and wellbeing.
— Moore & Cooper-Marcus, 2008

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