Mindful Awareness Parent Course

Kids Hub Mindful Awareness Parent Course -

5 x 2 hr sessions commencing on the 24th July (9:30am -11:30am)

MAP™ is a nationally run parenting workshop developed by Dr Rebecca Coleman which aims to promote the emotional connections between parents and young children (birth - 5 yrs old).

This parent course is fully funded by Parenting Connections WA and will have a creche provided.

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Introduction to Mindfulness

This introduction session explores

- what is Mindfulness (and what its not!)
- the evidence based research of the benefits of Mindfulness
- the brain science of Mindfulness (the amazing ways it can change the structure of the brain, at any age!)
- how this brain change can help us react less, yell less, and become calmer with our children and their behaviour
- how Mindfulness can be applied for positive outcomes for everyone - as a parent, as an Educator (teaching children as well as ourselves), in the workplace
- how Mindfulness strategies can assist children or young adults in managing anxiety, stress and emotional outbursts.

This will be facilitated by Kate Foster, a qualified Family Counsellor, who has completed Accredited therapy training in the application of evidence based Mindfulness strategies. 
Kate also holds a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment.

This session will be held on the 11th of June, at City Hive (184 Marine Terrace), from 6:15pm - 7:45pm.

Please bring a pillow and blanket!

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