Understanding & supporting children's behaviour


Understanding & supporting children's behaviour


This session explores

• Early childhood development, and brain development
• Behaviour expectations and ages
• Exploring rough play, risky play and nature play, and the benefits of.
• Building Growth Mindset and Resilience early! This supports children to become responsible for their behaviour and actions, and learn to evaluate how they may act differently the next time.
• Understanding what’s UNDERNEATH the behaviour
• Building Emotional Intelligence and Self-regulation
• Building Mindfulness and self-awareness skills (equals less reactivity to challenging situations)
• Strategies to encourage the behaviour you would like to see, and discourage the behaviour you would like to see less of! (i.e how to encourage your child to listen the first time!)

Kate Foster, the facilitator, has a Bachelor of Social Science (Children & Family Studies/Psychology), and is passionate about supporting children and families. She has worked as a Family Counsellor for the last 6 years, and has over 25 years experience working in early childhood organisations.

Kate is also a trained 1,2,3 Magic & Emotion Coaching facilitator.

For enquiries, please contact Kate - kate@kidshubtc.com.au
Date - 29th of July Time - 6pm-8pm
This session can be also be used for Professional Development, Certificate of Attendance can be provided, please advise if required.

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