Supporting children's social and emotional well-being

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Supporting children's social and emotional well-being


This session explores
• How to build and support social and emotional wellbeing
In today’s society there is a lot of focus on academic ability for children, however we are slowly realising that emotional well-being is just as important (in my view, MORE important!)

This session focuses on
o Understanding children’s emotional development through the ages, and ways to support at each age.
o Signs to look out for if your child may be having a challenging time, but not letting you know
o Emotional resilience factors and how to build into your child’s life
o Strategies to support your child’s social and emotional wellbeing.

Kate Foster, the facilitator, has a Bachelor of Social Science (Children & Family Studies/Psychology), and is passionate about supporting children and families. She has worked as a Family Counsellor for the last 6 years, and has over 25 years experience working in early childhood organisations.

Kate is an accredited 1,2,3 Magic & Emotion Coaching facilitator.

She has completed training with Dr Russ Harris (the Happiness Trap), and Dr Louise Hayes, PhD (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

She has also completed Standard Mental Health First Aid Course.
Date - 5th of August Time 6pm-8pm
For enquiries, please contact Kate -
This session can be also be used for Professional Development, Certificate of Attendance can be provided, please advise if required.

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