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123 Magic & Emotion Coaching


123 Magic is a simple yet effective behaviour management program for parents and carers of children between 2 and 12 years of age.

It gives parents a simple and structured approach to:

Encouraging good behaviour (listening, going to bed, homework)
Strengthening their relationship with their child (praise, active listening, and shared fun).
Emotion Coaching teaches children to identify their emotions and become better at managing them and this enables them to take more responsibility for their own behaviour
Managing unwanted behaviour (arguing, whining, fighting, tantrums)

This course is funded by Parenting Connections WA and will provide a free creche for families, it is important you complete the creche details form when you book your ticket.

Address: Ngala Midwest - 24 Gregory St, Geraldton

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Who is in charge in your house?

This course aims to teach you practical skills on how to manage your child’s emotions, setting boundaries in your home and enhancing your family relationships.

You will gain tools to shape behaviour using inside-out approaches, to help children self-regulate their emotion and behaviour

This is an interactive program and a great opportunity to meet other parents & carers to discuss & share practical ideas on parenting.

The course dates are 20th and 27th November - it is important that you are able to to attend both weeks.

A creche will be provided - bookings essential.

Venue: Ngala Midwest - 24 Gregory St, Geraldton WA