5 week on-line Mindful Parenting Course

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5 week on-line Mindful Parenting Course


In this 5 week on-line Parent course you will –

·        Learn about what Mindfulness is, and what it isn’t

·        Learn simple Mindfulness practices that can be incorporated into our busy lives, especially as a parent.

·        Learn how to use Mindfulness to create more calm in your house, and become a calmer less reactive parent. (i.e not Flip your Lid… as much 😉)

·        Learn how to prioritise self-care, and simple ways to do this (p.s its not about booking a facial, unless that is your ‘thing’)

·        Lessen the unkind thoughts and thinking about ourselves, and embrace ‘good enough’ parenting.

·        Have fun and a few laughs about this thing we call ‘parenting’! 😊



What you’ll need to do the course -

·        a computer or access to one, or a tablet (I-pad)

·        internet connection

·        time to set aside each week to go through the course content practices (approximately half hour for content, and other practices are generally daily, and short e.g 5 minutes).

You will receive an initial phone call, or Skype from Kate Foster the facilitator, who will discuss how you can gain the most from the content.


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