4 week On-line Mindfulness course

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4 week On-line Mindfulness course


This online 4 week course covers -

  • What Mindfulness is, and what it’s not!

  • The benefits of Mindfulness, and benefits specifically for you.

  • We explore how our thoughts, emotions and patterns of behaviour lead us to operate from “Auto-pilot” and how we can switch out of, and more into “Being” rather than “Doing”

  • This course is packed full of resources and activities of how to realistically incorporate more Mindfulness into your life, for better relationships, increased happiness and more self-compassion.

What you’ll need to do the course -

  • a computer or access to one, or a tablet (I-pad)

  • internet connection

  • time to set aside each week to go through the course content practices (approximately half hour for content, and other practices are generally daily, and short e.g 5 minutes)

Enquiries kate@kidshubtc.com.au


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